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Post  Kosshi on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:32 pm

his is a mature site, so please act like adults. Here are the rules that everyone must follow.

1.) Sexual and/or pornographic content is alright, just inform an admin and/or put a Privite at the end of your RPG title. Failure to follow the rule will lead to ban for 6 days, no questions asked.

2.) There will be no spamming, you will get three warnings before you will be banned for 2 days.

3.) Do not belittle with the (OOC:) mode. It is alright if it is the character you made, but other than that, no. You will get 3 warnings before you are banned depending on the situation.

4.) No god moding or gary's mod, anything else of that sort. Gming will lead to ban, no questions asked.

5.) No illutions for your characters. If admins finds anything that involves illutions will be questioned and may deny character.

6.) Follow the basic skit directions before you post, post images in a seperate post after your skit. Make sure admins and other members can see the image clearly, if it doesnt show well on the site, post the link in the image post, it works as well.

More rules will be posted as the site grows.

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