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Post  Kosshi on Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:06 pm

Name: kakadan


Age: looks 18 (42 real age)

Nature: lightning, fire, water, wind, earth

Eye color: greyish green

Hair Color: grey

Skin Color: white

Height: 8 meters

Weight: 10kgs

Positive Traits: efficiant with missions

Negitive Traits: too efficiant and boasts

Occupation: akatsuki

Family: a memeber of kakuzu's family (son)

Home Village: village of the waterfall

Current Location: unknown

Talents/Skills: lightning style, water style, fire style, earth style, wind style.
heart puncture: only used if has less then 6 hearts and can be used only once per battle

Habits: ripping hearts out, burning stuff

Hobbies: disection

Clothing: akatsuki cloak, but tied up to the torso acts like a cloak

Scars/Tattoos: only on arms and mouth for the stiches

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