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Post  cursed-doll on Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:44 am

Name: kumo

Alias: kumo no danna

Age: 14

Nature: sand/poison

Eye color: green

Hair Color: blue

Skin Color: pale white

Height: 6 meters

Weight: unknown

Positive Traits: enjoys helping those in need

Negitive Traits: turns anyone (good or evil) into puppets

Occupation: puppetier

Family: is a memeber of sasori's family (brother)

Home Village: village hidden in the sand

Current Location: the village hidden in the sand

Talents/Skills: puppetier jutsu: has a serpant puppet and a spider puppet

sand style: coffin grinder : the opponent is encased in sand and body is grinded down and all that will be left is bones

puppet transformation : the opponent is wrapped in the serpant puppet or the spider puppet, and body morphs into a puppet

Habits: staring at people (somtimes forgets about people's skin)

Hobbies: puppet making

Clothing: a similer uniform to kakuzu, only blue and has four spikes on his back, on his back between the spikes a large spider is there

Scars/Tattoos none

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