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Post  V on Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:38 pm

Name: Genzaru Lazengann

Alias: "Air-Man", "Tyrant of Justice"

Age: 45

Nature: A neutral/lawful neutral type. Is usually calm but when offended, he tends to roughouse with others and loses his temper. Abides by his own code of conduct which is mainly improvised.

Eye color: Blue

Hair Color: White

Skin Color: Light Peach/White

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 171 lbs

Positive Traits: When not angered, he is a beneviolent person. Tends to spare his opponent's lives even if they anger him. Intends to avoid conflicts unless necessary.

Negitive Traits: When he's angered, Genzaru will usually punish his enemies through extensive ways.

Occupation: Kirigakure Elite Jounin/Hunter-Nin Captain

Family: No one left alive

Home Village: Kirigakure

Current Location: Land of Water (doesn't visit Kirigakure often)

Fuuton Manipulation: Has unrivaled control and manipulation over the Wind element, being able to use it effectively and efficiently to the highest levels of the element and beyond what most are capable of as a result of his clan's affinity and decades of refinement and training.

Wind Style: Wind Palm Technique: Genzaru's main jutsu. Compresses wind chakra into his palm and can release it for various uses. He can use it as a long range projectile that can smash/cut through layers of hard, solid material (such as steel or above), as a wide scale destructive blast(an explosive sphere that can demolish several city blocks), or use it as a defensive method to virtually repel anything that comes near him by manipulating the air and pushing it out of the way. He can pretty much do anything he wants with wind/air manipulation so long as the wind chakra is focused within his hands.

Speed: Genzaru is exceedingly fast, surpassing the limit for normal ninja and is easily one of the fastest shinobi in the world. He is a top speedster and can meet the standard for the pure speed of the fastest ninjas with just his raw speed. Genzaru mainly uses raw/natural physical speed to blitz his opponents or outmanuever attacks while using wind chakra for physical power boosts. Supersonic+ with just raw speed. Agility and reactions/reflexes are also equivalent to speed.

Chakra/Stamina Levels: Genzaru possesses an extraordinarily high amount of chakra (almost reaching the minimum Bijuu-level mark) and greatly superhuman level of raw stamina. His chakras exceed the standard for Kage-level and can use many high-level chakra techniques in total (in Genzaru's case, he can use them in rapid succession given his skill in the wind element). Having experienced extensive endurance training his stamina rivals that of the strongest and greatest of Taijutsu masters.

Habits: Reading, drinking.

Hobbies: Fighting, reading

Clothing: (image)

Scars/Tattoos: Claw-shaped scar on each of his palms

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Post  Riona on Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:02 pm

looks good to me, just need Kosshi to look over and give it his rating before I lock it and move it. ^-^

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